International Burundian Women Organization (IBWO)

Our Goal

The International Burundian Women’s Organization (IBWO) aims to reach Burundian communities worldwide. Through mentorship and promoting education and cultural values, youth experiencing difficulties are supported to find pathways to a better future to build stronger communities.

Many young people in foster care, detention centres, prisons, and others have been deported or killed due to difficulties settling in new countries. IBWO aims to bring Burundians to examine and respond to the issue via the lens of Burundian culture and traditions. A community raises children. As the leaders in the community, we endeavour to impart positivity and accompany and educate younger generations as they try to fit into new cultures and environments worldwide.

IBWO finds a great need to invest in youth empowerment programs to curb the wrong choices epidemic among young Africans, including Burundians.

Over the next five years period, IBWO will work to reduce the number of Burundians in foster care by 50%. Through parents’ education, IBWO will improve the ability to raise children with moral virtues, reducing the Burundian population with drug and alcohol addiction-related issues by 60%.

IBWO aims to increase the overall wellness and health of the Burundian communities by educating them on the harms of substance abuse and proper personal care to decrease the number of Burundians who become physically or mentally ill each year by 25%.