International Burundian Women Organization (IBWO)


Youth and Parents’ education forms the basis of IBWO intervention to ensure success. We believe that when the level of education regarding health and socially acceptable actions is raised, they will be passed on to future generations.

To perform this task, communities will be mapped to establish suitable activities, mentors, and community leaders required to implement the strategy. The mentors and community leaders will be offered training on fostering community growth and working with healthcare professionals to address issues in respective communities.

Standardized educational programs will be developed for families about health and wellness, parenting, morality, and cultural heritage. For young people affected by the substance abuse epidemic, programs will be implemented to specifically address and rehabilitate those affected by drug and alcohol abuse.

Although each community has its priorities and objectives, all educational programs will be available and accessible to allow all members of the Burundian community to participate in any area they wish at any time.

A mentoring program for youth and pairing them with established community members in a one-on-one or community setting will provide the guidance and structure they need. Youth mentorship will help them stay on the moral path despite external influences.

The program will reduce the number of incarcerations, deportations, or detention in youth justice centres. With the IBWO support system in place for Burundian youth, the young people will avoid undesirable social actions and repercussions, promoting stronger communities and a brighter future for everyone.

The use of and dependency on psychoactive substances is among the most challenging situations to handle when it comes to Burundian young people. A rigorous and culturally appropriate educational program about these risks will be integral to the project. Youth will be supported to overcome peer pressures and understand their rights and responsibilities to circumvent temptations to engage in risky behaviours.

With these strategies, IBWO, representing Burundian women in integration, will positively influence the course of Burundian communities worldwide.

Although these actions cannot reverse Burundian communities’ losses, they provide a foundation for making a difference in the short and long term. In return, stronger communities will positively influence future generations and break away from the despair many Burundians families are currently caught in.


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